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Just like you, BIIAB delivers.

Founded in 2000, BIIAB is an awarding and End-Point Assessment Organisation of choice for work-based learning providers, employers and further education colleges.

BIIAB supports work-based learning providers, Centres, employers and further education colleges in the hospitality and care industries.

To build a strong, successful workforce for better businesses and communities, we’re:

Serving up opportunities:

Learners can book virtual and in-person courses, and Centres can access a constantly growing range of qualifications to best meet their learners’ needs.

Setting the table:

We specialise in end-point assessment, and we make the assessment process clear, easy-to-use and responsive for employers, training providers and apprentices alike.

Aiming to please:

Our product development team is always hopping, ensuring that everything we offer is at the leading edge of qualification and sector needs.

For us, collaborative efforts build lasting success.

Meet our family

Skills and Education Group provides high-quality services centred on collaboration, responsiveness, and diversity. They form lasting strategic partnerships with their membership and create opportunities in the wider education and skills sector to support the development of the workforce. Through their awarding organisations they support all learners in achieving their full potential, no matter what their age background or ability.

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Providing high-quality support and services to the educational sector, Skills and Education Group Awards offers qualifications and assessments regulated by CCEA, Ofqual and Qualifications Wales, along with a range of non-regulated provisions.

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An access validating agency with a strong social purpose to recognise achievement, particularly for those who have benefited least from their previous educational experiences, Skills and Education Group Access supports the needs of learners, providers, businesses and communities.

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We know the power of all.

Our partnerships aren’t just with our membership, they’re with each other. Because we know that inclusion and collaboration are key to creating opportunities for everyone.

Meet our team!

Leadership Team

Aneka Cann

Head of Brands

Elaine Barker

Head of Centre Support

Helen Gibson

Director of Product Strategy

Jennie Lawson

Director of Access to HE

Karen Plowman

Head of Professional Development

Karl Stringer

Director of Quality and Compliance

Kaye Jackson

Director of External Affairs

Kerry Ore

Head of End-Point Assessment

Liz Humphrey-Talmey

Director of Finance

Paul Eeles

Chief Executive

Scott Forbes

Deputy Chief Executive

Sue Hartley

Head of HR

Ruth Goldsworthy

Head of Security and Protective Services

Board of Directors

Audrey Traynor


Daphne Saxelby


Elise Temple


Gill Clipson MBE


Jeremy Scorer


Mark Holden


By engaging our stakeholders and communities, our Directors maintain accountability, accessibility and the highest ethical standards within our organisation. Their understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the skills and education sector ensures that we deliver services that are tailored to meet the specific priorities, values and expectations of everyone we support.

Stewart Segal


Stuart James