Stand out with our bespoke Accredited Training Programme.

With more than 100 years of experience in the education sector,
we’ll meet your need for quality-assured programmes.

Sitting outside the regulated qualification market, our unique Accredited Training Programme (ATP) allows you to deliver your own unique programme to your specific and valued learners in your own personal style.

Supporting you every step of the way.

Accreditation from our nationally recognised awarding organisation will provide evidence of quality for your programmes. By adopting our accredited Centre logo, you can confidently advertise your programmes and raise your business profile, and your learners will be motivated through recognition of their learning with a dual-branded certificate, featuring your logo and ours.

The right fit for you.

We have provided accreditation for a range of programmes—from service and repair of electric vehicles to software engineering to conflict resolution to breastfeeding peer-supporter training—and everything in between. Whether it’s a one-hour or a multi-day training, we tailor ATP to ensure that it’s always the best fit for your purpose.

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You’re just four simple steps from becoming an ATP Centre.

Do you have a large number of non-regulated programmes that need external quality assurance?

We can create an ATP+ package that meets your organisation’s priorities and helps you achieve your goals. Please speak with our team about a pricing model that best suits your needs.

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We’re always transparent about our pricing.

ATP starts at a £1,000 provider and programme approval annual fee, with certificates priced as low as £9 each.

For ATP+, we’ll match costs to your needs. Our annual licence fee starts from £2,500.

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Choose the ATP option that’s right for you.

ATP or ATP+—whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Take a moment to review which ATP service will best meet your organisation’s needs.

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Complete your application form.

Applying is easy; we promise! However, to make it even easier, we suggest you check the application questions first and review the ATP pre-approval checklist and provider guidance. (see the downloads up above).


Wait for a reply.

We’ll begin processing your application as soon as we receive it, and we will keep you updated throughout the process.


Enjoy the benefits!

Offer bespoke quality-assured training programmes, confidently access our secure and easy-to-use platform to register learners, and claim certificates of achievement through our digital certification system.

Client testimonials

Don’t take our word for it; here’s what our customers think.

The Accredited Training Programme has provided us with the flexibility for our bespoke business language courses. Not only do our learners receive professional recognition of their accomplishments, but they also have the confidence that the course and assessments have been quality-assured by a nationally recognised awarding body.

— Juliet Park, The Language Alliance

Benefits to becoming an ATP Centre

Quality assurance to enhance the value of your programmes

Our ATP team will ensure that you’re always prepared to evidence the quality of your programme by:

  • Evaluating learning outcomes and assessment criteria to make sure they match your scheme of work
  • Identifying the policies you’ll need to smoothly deliver, assess and verify your programmes

Our user-friendly learner registration portal

Our secure portal provides:

  • A simple registration process
  • Comprehensive guidance documents
  • Access to e-certificates and/or paper certificates

The winning edge

You’ll raise your company’s profile and stand out from your competitors, positioning you to:

  • Respond to the changing needs of your business and increase productivity
  • Motivate your learners by providing them with dual-branded certificates from a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation
  • Access timely customer support, with the full support of a dedicated Relationship Manager

Accredit almost any programme

As long as there is no overlap with a regulated qualification, we can add value to your offer and ensure that when you sell it, you are doing so with the backing of an industry-recognised awarding organisation. This will allow you to make an offer that demonstrates:

  • Certification with branding from a recognised awarding organisation
  • Quality Assurance to the same levels as the regulated market
  • Retention of all intellectual property rights for your programme
  • Transparent and competitive pricing with the opportunity to accredit multiple programmes